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How to Draw a Dog for Kids- Step by Step Complete Guide

How to Draw a Dog: How to Draw a Dog: Drawing is a piece of art through which an artist tries to express the beauty of nature around the world.

How to Draw a Dog

Everyone likes to draw, but they don’t know how to start, and they always want to learn how to draw a drawing. On our site, we provide the best techniques and ideas to draw a beautiful sketch quickly. 

In this quick tutorial, we will teach/guide you for a Dog drawing in just five easy steps – great for kids and beginner artists. If you read the entire article, you will learn How to Draw a Dog sketch in easy steps. 

It is not a mild task to draw a dog sketch, but you can learn it quickly with this animal drawing tutorial. This is an easy dog sketch tutorial with step-by-step guidance on How to draw a dog for kids

Let’s know what those easy steps you’ll learn how to draw a dog for kids are?

Step-by-Step easy Dog Drawing

The image given at the top shows how your finished drawing will look, and the below images represent the individual steps. Including How to Draw a Dog, you will also get hundreds of free drawing tutorials on this site. 

Follow these steps to draw a better drawing of a dog.

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Step 1: Draw the head of the Dog

At first, we will start drawing from the hade of the Dog. Start your happy dog champion by drawing a circle like an egg/ellipse for its snout. Add a half-circle on top of the egg-like circle/ellipse to form the rest of the Dog’s head.

How to Draw a Dog

Note: In this step, we draw its head, not its face.

Step 2: Draw the body of the Dog

In this step, we need to draw a giant elliptical (egg-like) loop to the bottom of the snout ellipsoid you drew in step 1. Now remove the two front legs as gradually converging lines that join together in a rounded lobe. 

How to Draw a Dog

Draw each back leg as a rounded line running from the bottom right and left of the Dog’s body.

Step 3: Draw the ear and tail of the Dog.  

Add the flappy ears of the Dog to the sides of the Dog’s head as elongated loops. 

Draw the long tail in the form of two curved lines that meet in a point. When dogs are happy, they swing their seats. 

How to Draw a Dog

Step 4: Draw the complete face of the Dog

Draw the Dog’s eyes as half-oval resting on the top of the shout and add the Dog’s nose as a chevron shape at the top of the snout. Beneath it, draw an arching curve for the Dog’s mouth. 

How to Draw a Dog

Step 5: add shades to the drawing and complete it. 

This last step will look at the drawing by adding shades on the eyes and nose. Retain to leave a small white dot at the top to show reflection. 

How to Draw a Dog

Some more ideas to continue the fun…

  • Once you learn how to draw different animals and other drawings, why not make some fun with friends and family and decorate the home with different pictures. 
  • You can draw various drawings of animals, birds, and fruits for learning purposes, then hide them in your kid’s room and ask them to find hidden pictures like a game. Your kids will enjoy this game and also they will learn many things from it.  
  • For teachers: various types of drawings could make into a creative classroom activity, and you could use the fun facts as lesson material teaching about different things. 

Final thought:

I hope you must have liked my article about drawing a dog for kids; if yes, then share it with your friends, and don’t forget to check other hundreds of drawing tutorials given on our site. 



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