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Lion drawing for kids Easy Guide| How to Draw a Lion in 5 Steps

How to Draw a Lion / lion drawing for kids:- Hello, friends. Are you looking for a tutorial through which you can learn how to draw a lion and lion drawing for kids Easy ? Then you are at the best site; here in this content, we will provide all techniques and tips to draw a lion

How to Lion drawing for kids

This article will teach you all steps to draw a lion quickly; even your kids will learn and draw a lion by learning from our tutorials. In this quick tutorial of lion drawing for kids, you will read how to draw a lion in 6 easy steps, which is best for kids and newbies. 

On our site, we always provide various types of drawing tutorials through which anyone can learn drawing quickly so that after this article, click other articles to learn other drawings. 

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How to draw a lion drawing for kids Step-by-Step

It is not simple work to sketch a lion the first time, but with the help of our tutorial, you can draw it quickly because, in this tutorial, we will guide you with step-by-step techniques to lion drawing for kids. 

Now we will provide a Step-by-Step tutorial through which you and your children will learn “lion drawing for kids” quickly. The image given on the top of this content represents how your finished drawing is going to look.

Below we give individual steps with pictures so that you can learn them quickly. Make sure to check our other drawing tutorials provided on our site.  

Follow these steps to draw a better lion drawing for kids.

Step 1: Draw the Nose of the lion.

In the first step, we will start the drawing from the lion’s snout. Make three separate equal-sized bumps for the nose and mouth. The top part of the nose will be a bit longer than the bottom part. 

lion drawing for kids , How to Draw a Lion

Step 2: Draw the head of the lion

In this step, draw the small eye near the top line of the snout. Now draw the top in this step draw the small eye near the full line of the nose. Now draw the top part of the mane with a curved line from the top of the snout and draw the hair’s bottom part from the bottom of the mouth angled down. Join the two lines with a hairy or bump line.

Draw the triangle-shaped ear in the mane. It doesn’t go outside the line of the head and squiggly lines in the hair to create fur marking.

lion drawing for kids , How to Draw a Lion

Step 3: Draw the body of the lion

Now you completed the head of the lion, and it’s time to draw the entire body of a lion. Sketch a long straight line for the spirited back. It will curl down just slightly at the rump. 

Right below the mane, a draw short line down to make the front of the leg. Draw the paw of the lion and bring the line back up to about halfway up the hairline. 

From this line, draw the arched belly line back to the front line for the hind leg; the rear portion is more comprehensive at the top than the bottom. The back claw is angled back away from the body. Join up the backline of the leg with the bottom line. 

lion drawing for kids , How to Draw a Lion

Step 4: Add other two legs

Draw the other front leg right where the front leg’s backline and this front leg are curled back as if the lion is walking. Now draw the other hind leg directly in front of the first hind leg. 

lion drawing for kids , How to Draw a Lion

Step 5: Complete the drawing by shadings.

You completed the lion drawing for kids, but to make it more attractive, add some shading with the help of a pencil and finish the picture by adding a thin tail with a tuft of fur at the end.  

lion drawing for kids , How to Draw a Lion

Most Frequent Asked Question about Lion Drawing for Kids

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Yes, No Doubt everybody can use this article as a guide for loin Drawing



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