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How Raksha Bandhan Drawing| Easy Rakhi Drawing

Raksha Bandhan Drawing| Easy Rakhi Drawing: Many people love to make sketches, drawings, and paintings and want to learn how to draw. To help those people, we always try to give several techniques and proper guidance to make a drawing easily.   

Raksha Bandhan Drawing

Happy Raksha Bandhan

Today we are going to guide you for a Raksha Bandhan Drawing in just a few steps. You will get all information and techniques to draw an easy Rakhi drawing for Raksha Bandhan in those steps. 

About Raksha Bandhan 

Raksha Bandhan: According to Indian religious culture, the festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the full moon of the month of Shravan. 

This festival binds brother and sister in the bond of affection. On this day, the sister ties a tika on her brother’s forehead and ties the bond of protection, which is called Rakhi. 

The real meaning of Rakhi is also to tie someone to protect oneself. On this day, sisters ties Rakhi of thread to their brothers and entrust the responsibility of protecting their lives on them.

Now I hope you have a basic idea about Raksha Bandhan so that it’s time to teach and instruct you to help you to draw a Raksha Bandhan Drawing in an easy-to-learn manner.

How to Draw a Raksha Bandhan Drawing| Easy Rakhi Drawing

Now it’s time to guide you through drawing a Raksha Bandhan Drawing, which will express anything about this festival by following these steps. Including Raksha Bandhan Drawing, you will also get hundreds of free step-by-step drawing guides on this website. 

Step by Step Guide for Raksha Bandhan Drawing

To learn “How to Draw a Raksha Bandhan Drawing,” follow these steps given below. 

Let’s start

Step by step Raksha Bandhan Drawing

Follow these steps to draw a better drawing for Raksha Bandhan.

Note: In this Drawing, we will draw two characters, one boy and another girl, sitting on the floor and looking towards each other. And the situation is the girl ties a Rakhi to the boy, and the boy has a gift on his hand for her. So now you have an idea about the drawing structure, let’s start drawing step by step.

Step 1: Draw a boy looking towards someone. 

First of all, we will draw a picture of a boy whose right arm is straight ahead, and he has a gift box in his other hand. Now start drawing from his hairlines and slowly draw his face. Then sketch his whole body, like he was wiring a Kurta on her body and sitting on a mat. Draw it like he was looking towards someone with a gift in his hand, as shown in the picture given below.    

Raksha Bandhan Drawing 1

Step 2: Draw a girl tying Rakhi on the hand of the boy 

In this step, we need to draw a girl tying Rakhi on the writing of a boy. For that, start drawing from the face of the girl and sketch her entire face with hairs. Now it’s time to outline the body, so draw her neck and body with her hand through which she was tying the Rakhi to the boy.  

Raksha Bandhan Drawing

Step 3: Draw her Skirt and legs

In this step, we will give a complete look to the girl, drawing a skirt on her body and sketch her legs like she is sitting on one leg. 

Raksha Bandhan Drawing

Step 4: Draw the background of the picture.

In this step, we are going to draw a background of the drawing. The environment should be like they are in a room and draw a Pooja Thal between them, including Diya, Bell, and flowers. 

Raksha Bandhan Drawing

Step 5: complete the sketch

Now we are in the final step, where we will shade the drawing with the help of a pencil. It fills their hair with pencil and adds some shadings on the body to give it a complete look. Make it light.  

Raksha Bandhan Drawing

Raksha Bandhan Images and Sketches

Raksha Bandhan Images
Raksha Bandhan Images
Raksha Bandhan Images
Raksha Bandhan Images
Raksha Bandhan Images
Raksha Bandhan Images



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