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Gautam buddha drawing| How to Draw Buddha Step by Step Drawing tutorial

Gautam buddha drawing Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Buddha
Buddha is the founder of Buddhism and he was born in Nepal. He is also famous for his other name Siddhartha Gautama.

Hello Guys in this tutorial I will tell you and give you something special for you to draw lord buddha Drawing.

Gautam buddha drawing / Gautam buddha sketch

Lord Buddha Painting is one of the beautiful and creative arts that has been inspired by Buddhism. This guide will help you to learn Lord Buddha paintings from start step to finish. All the masterpieces of Lord Buddha paintings are displayed in this article with complete step-by-step instructions and tutorials for Gautam buddha’s sketch.

It is very easy to draw paintings of Lord Buddha until you are not realistic.

Simple Steps to Draw Lord Buddah

There are different world-famous paintings of Lord Buddha, which are known as Buddha Art. Each painting has its own style and concept. These paintings show him in many different forms. You can draw Gautam buddha drawings and any picture using these images with some help from us. Here we are providing a set of maximum famous Buddha Pictures for free. We are giving you a few simple steps to create an amazing picture using these pictures

Gautam buddha sketch Step by Step Guide

Now You can see the Step for the gautam buddha sketch in Just Few Steps

Step no 1. Start Drawing Face

We will start from the Face. The start will be drawing the Shape of the Face by only Lines.

 Gautam buddha drawing

Step No. 2 Start Drawing Left side underline and Hand Drawing

Draw one side with only the underline and then move to the inside of the underline. and start drawing Hand. after drawing hand move to the Second Side with cloth drawing.

 Gautam buddha drawing

Step 3 Start Drawing Leg and Rest Part

Now Draw Leg of Lord buddha. Which may be the Toughest par of this drawing of Lord buddha. hare you can see image to get the idea of drawing. and also you can watch this video to draw buddha painting

 Gautam buddha drawing

Step 4 Start Completing Eye, Ear and Hair

In this Step We will cover the face cut and Eye and Hair as well as ear. Where we will get the first Look of our Unique Design

 Gautam buddha drawing

Step 5 Now Make it Bolder Underline

Now Make all it Bolder so that it can looks better.

 Gautam buddha drawing

These are the 5 Easy steps to Draw Lord Buddha Painting.

You can also watch the Video here for more Ease and clarification.



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