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Fathers Day Drawing in Just a Few Steps | Fathers Day Sketch

Hello Guys Today We will Learn Fathers Day Drawing in Just a Few Steps. All the Guides will b easy to understand.
By following this Guide you can Draw a Father’s day drawing.

Fathers Day Drawing in Few Step

If You want to gift your father Something Special to realize about you and how you care about your fathers. the most suggested idea is that to give a special handwritten Painting of for Father Days. and Gift Fathers Day Drawing and sketch

This is an Amazing idea to make your father feel happy.

But there are most of the people who don’t know Sketching and Drawing so they can draw it for his/her father. Don’t worry, I am here to help you out with the drawing. I will teach you how to draw a perfect fathers Day Drawing in just a few steps.

Let’s Begin the Fathers Day Sketch

Fathers Day Drawing

First Step : Draw a Triangle and Two Sub Lines

We will Start by Drawing a Simple Triangle and then draw a line at the bottom as well as the rights side of the triangle.

Fathers Day Drawing

Second Step : Two Horizontal and 2 Swing Lin to bottom

In this Stepyou just need to Draw two Horizontal Lines one from just below the top and one in the middle of the triangle.

Fathers Day Drawing

Third Step : Draw Half Circle and Leg

Now we will draw a half-circle from the second box of the triangle which will be connected to the bottom line of the Triangle. Now Start Drawing folded Leg Which shows the man is sitting on his knee.

Forth Step: Draw Girl and Men Hands as well the Dress

Now Draw his hand Which is poses like a hug and similarly a girl’s hand just up from his hand. Then Draw her leg and Dress

Fifth Step : Drawing Both Heads

After this Start Drawing Girl Head by making hairstyle of the girl and similarly, men head drawing. and also make sure men’s hands should be in the girl’s head.

Fathers Day Drawing

Sixth Step : Just shade with pencil and Give a Design

Now the Sketch is ready. Now you need to finish this drawing by making the sketch bolder and colored. and give the design to cloth of both of them as you want to design.

Fathers Day Drawing

and the Gift of your father is ready. You can give it to your father and put it on your status. and show your unique design and gift to your friends.

Thank you for Reading this Guide. May this help you to draw the Fathers Day Drawing and make you feel excited to give a special gift to your father.

If your need more help then Watch this Video



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